#Rejection Is Normal

I submitted a raft of short stories to various publications over the last few months. A few kindly worded rejections came in right away, but then things went silent. Crickets. Nothing.

I followed up with a couple of the publications, unsure if I was shooting myself in the foot. That ultimately unlocked a few more rejections. And then, in the last couple of weeks, I started to get some good news.

First came some solid feedback that I took to heart, reworking my stories to fix shaky plot points and unbelievable situations.

The result is that I recently got two short stories accepted for publication in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more details, but please check out these publishers in the meantime:

Crimespree Magazine

Out of the Gutter

Another rejection came in as I was writing this. So it goes.

#amwriting #keepwriting

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