Short Story Contest — “Fix Me”


The nice people over at Criminal Element have chosen my story “Fix Me” as a finalist for their latest short story competition, “The M.O.” Here’s how it works: They post a couple hundred words from each of the four stories selected and then let people vote on which one they most want to see published in its entirety. Only one story wins.

Voting is open HERE. I would appreciate it if you went to check it out. It’s free and easy to register, and Criminal Element always has great content for fans of the crime and mystery genres.

The-M-O-Short-Crime-Stands-Tall-600Here’s the list:

  • “Fix Me” by S.W. Lauden
  • “The Genuine Article” by K.M. Rockwood
  • “Iced” by Nancy Brewka-Clark
  • “Thrilled No More” by Chuck Brownman

I’m proud to have been accepted, particularly because I really like the way this story came out—and because the other stories chosen seem really great. “Fix Me” concerns a fixed-gear bicyclist who is being chased through the mean streets of Los Angeles by a drunk driver in a muscle car. Crimes are committed. Blood is spilled. Prices are paid.

It’s good clean family fun! Look, I’m even smiling…



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