Genre-Bending Fiction

dreaming deepExploring the world of crime and mystery fiction, I have had the great fortune to discover some engaging books by truly talented authors. Along the way I have also discovered a couple of genre-bending novels that caught me by surprise and blew my mind. The first is JUNGLE HORSES by Scott Adlerberg. The second is DREAMING DEEP by Anonymous-9.

I am very lucky to have recently interviewed both of these incredible authors. Take a look at their quotes below, click on the link to read the whole interview or just skip it all and go straight to their Amazon page to purchase both of these awesome books.

[Scott Adlerberg interview excerpt]  Is it important to you as a writer to jump between genres?Port Richmond Books--Scott Adlerberg

Is it important to me? It’s not so much important as a question of what works for a particular story. With JUNGLE HORSES, as I was doing it, it seemed to work. The second part, the fantastic part, just grew out of the noirish part, without strain, I felt. I wouldn’t try to force genres together just to be odd or “different.” But what’s fun about genres is how fluid and flexible they are and how you can play around so much with them. There’s a lot of ways to be inventive. On the other hand what’s more satisfying to read than a good straight noir story from the criminal’s point of view, or a strong private eye tale, or a procedural that keeps things moving and really digs into its world with great characters—nothing super inventive, not trying to reinvent the wheel, but just a good plot, suspense, believable psychology, a narrative you get into—a genre work as everyone would think of it, and well done. I have no objections.

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A-9Cactus 2[Anonymous-9 interview excerpt] Much of your writing is set in Los Angeles. Why is LA the right place for your fiction?

It’s where I live so it’s easy to visit places and do research. I put myself in the shoes of the main character, I find the place where they physically live, and imagine everything surrounding them to make them feel real. I hope to have a second home in Texas or in the south. I would love to join the circle of southern writers in my own small way. What people, what characters, what settings!

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S.W. Lauden is a writer and drummer living in Los Angeles. His short fiction has been accepted for publication by Out of the Gutter, Akashic Books and Crimespree Magazine. His novella, CROSSWISE, will be published in 2015. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut novel, BAD CITIZEN CORPORATION. You can read one of his recent short stories right HERE.

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