ADR Reissues “Criminal Love and Other Stories”


Mike Monson’s TUSSINLAND was one of my favorite crime novels of last year. That book is dark, gritty and brutal—but not without heart. So I was pretty stoked when I heard that All Due Respect Books was reissuing CRIMINAL LOVE AND OTHER STORIES, his collection of crime, dirty noir, author interviews and selected blog posts.

CL-new-2I was lucky enough to meet Mike at Bouchercon last year and interview him for this blog. Here’s an excerpt of what the ADR editor had to say about his writing way back in December of last year:

[Mike Monson interview excerpt] You didn’t start writing until 2012. Since then you have published several short stories, novellas and a novel. How do you explain the sudden burst of creativity and productivity?

I really can’t explain it. I tried to write all my life and I’d been a reporter off and on and did some playwriting years ago, so it wasn’t like I was brand-new at writing in 2012. My best guess is a combination of two things happening: first, I had just spent a couple of years really digging into zen and vipassana buddhist meditation techniques and ended up with a very clear conviction that the important thing to being alive was to just be yourself as completely as possible and part of that for me was to write whether or not anyone ever read what I wrote; and second, I found myself married to a woman (Rebecca of course) who just had my back in a way I’d never experienced and gave me the kind of love and support that I needed to write the stuff I wanted to write the way I wanted to write it. Oh, and one other thing — I’d spent years and years with a long commute in which I’d read several books a week and I think that was a great education for a writer.



Learn the whole ALL DUE RESPECT story

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  1. I have actually read your ADR Reissues Criminal Love and Other Stories once
    more and once again. It’s so appealing.

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