The Shorter They Come

FixMe-Final-Cover-250I am thrilled to announce that my new short story, FIX ME, is up today at Criminal Element. This is one that I am particularly proud of because it took me outside of my comfort zone in terms of the character and perspective. But it also allowed me to write about the Los Angeles I love. The filthy, congested one.

This also marks the first time that somebody else has designed original artwork for a story I wrote. I think it looks pretty awesome, particularly the colors the designer chose to bring this murderous tale to life.

The publication of this short story comes on the heels of getting two other short stories accepted recently—RANGE LIFE will be published over at Shotgun Honey sometime in May, and SCALES will be published by Spelk Fiction toward the end of June.

It is incredibly exciting and a little shocking to have a run of good luck like this. I know it won’t last, but I’m stoked it’s happening right at this moment. So far I’ve gotten one short story accepted for about every five or six I submit.

If you’re a new writer like me, go check out some short story publishers like  CrimespreeFlash Fiction OffensiveShotgun HoneyThuglitSpinetinglerCriminal ElementDark Corners and All Due Respect, to name a few. I strongly encourage you to submit.

It’s a great way to build some chops, get your head around what “short and sharp” means, develop an intimate relationship with rejection, and hopefully see your work published along the way.

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