Johnny Shaw + Chelsea Cain Win Spotted Owl Award

Shaw_PlasterCity_frontcvr_finalJohnny Shaw and Chelsea Cain were named yesterday as the recipients of the 20th annual Friends of Mystery Spotted Owl Award. Johnny Shaw is receiving the shared award for PLASTER CITY, published by Thomas & Mercer in April 2014. Cain  for ONE KICK, published by Simon & Schuster in August 2014.

Here’s what the Friends of Mystery have to say about the Spotted Owl Award on their website:

“The Spotted Owl award was established in 1995 and is given to the best mystery novel of the year by an author who lives in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, Idaho, Oregon or Washington. Previous winners include Bill Cameron, Earl Emerson, G.M. Ford, Dana Haynes, Mike Lawson, Phil Margolin and Kris Nelscott.”

I caught up with Johnny Shaw during the Left Coast Crime convention in Portland last month. Johnny was the Program Coordinator for the event which meant that he spent most of his time running around to either make sure that panels he scheduled were happening, or to participate himself. I caught him early on Saturday morning shortly before he took part in the hilarious “Pants On Fire: A Liars Panel” along with moderator Simon WoodChris F. HolmJess Lourey and Catriona McPherson.


Here’s in excerpt from my later interview with Johnny Shaw (AUDIO):

“I don’t know if it’s necessary for a writer to be a good reader, but if they’re going to read they should be a good reader…If I can entertain—if I can make people laugh—I have a good chance of making them interested in the work I do.”

I hope you enjoy the interview.  You’ll hear lots of great info and funny insights for new and established writers.

Most of all, congrats to Johnny Shaw and Chelsea Cain!

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