Sometimes The Best Short Story Is A Song (#25)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s one thing to post a blog every week about songs with interesting lyrics. But to claim that a classic 60s surf instrumental falls into this category is absurd. Well, stick with me, because this isn’t just any song. It’s “The Rise and Fall of Flingel Blunt”!

I know we’ve been conditioned not to judge books by their covers, but in my opinion the title of this song says it all. This simple sentence, featuring one of the most interesting character names ever, gives us a complete piece of flash fiction. Is Flingel Blunt a surfer who gets up on a wave only to smash to the shore? Or is there a longer narrative here? One in which Mr. Blunt (or is it Mrs.?!) is a small time crook who finally gets in over his head.

In the end it’s up to your imagination. And the best part is that whatever story you create comes with a killer soundtrack.

Previous installments in this series:

S.W. Lauden’s debut mystery novel, BAD CITIZEN CORPORATION, is available now from Rare Bird Books. His novella, CROSSWISE, will be published by Down & Out Books in 2016.

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