Book Reviews: Bad Citizen Corporation + Grizzly Season by S.W. Lauden

Greg Salem doubleheader. Reviews for books 1 and 2: “Bad Citizen Corporation” and “Grizzly Season”.

Dirty Books


Author: S.W. Lauden

Publisher: Rare Bird Books

Release Dates: October 2015 + September 2016

Bounced out of the police force after a dubious shooting, punk-turned-cop Greg Salem – whose cult ex-band gives Bad Citizen Corporation its title – finds himself assuming investigative duties once more when a beloved ex-bandmate is murdered at a show. Accompanied by his flaky drug-addict drummer Marco, Salem tries to keep his personal demons at bay long enough to track down the killer, and redeem his ravaged reputation. The bullet-strewn back-story – and indeed Salem’s battle with alcohol dependency – may recall a So.Cal Scudder, but Lauden’s book actually follows in the sandy, surf-noir footprints of writers such as Don Winslow and Kem Nunn. Like his predecessors, Lauden manages to give the story an impressively claustrophobic feel, which is defiantly at odds with the sun-kissed, beach-side backdrop.

Bad Citizen Corporation…

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