“Grizzly Season” Now Available For Pre-Order

Grizzly Season Front CoverThe second Greg Salem mystery, GRIZZLY SEASON, is now available for pre-order. I’m thrilled to kick this eagle (bear?) from the nest and into the vicious world. I hope some of you will find a nice home for it. Info HERE.

“Hard-edged with a deft eye and ear portraying the stone cold graspers hustling for their illicit piece of the illusory rainbow, S.W. Lauden delivers the delicious jagged goods in Grizzly Season.”
Gary Phillips, author of 3 the Hard Way

“Lauden’s new novel is wired with promises and threats that anything just might happen, and then it does—again and again. The furious pace never lets up. By the end you’ll be bruised by the ferocious beauty of Grizzly Season.”
Joseph Di Prisco, author of The Alzhammer and The Pope of Brooklyn

Interrogation—Christian Lee (Centum Press)

Who: Christian Lee

What: Founder and Publisher at Centum Press. He also currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer of Allegiant Publishing Group, Centum Press’ parent company. He previously served as the Marketing Manager at Something or Other Publishing, and briefly as the Vice President of Distribution and Marketing at Helm Book Publishing.

Where: New Hampshire

I came across Centum Press on social media and was intrigued by the concept. How did you come up with it?

Centum Press is actually an idea that I had been thinking about for a while. Probably for six months before I even shared it with Marc Estes, the other co-founder of Allegiant Publishing Group, which owns Centum. Essentially, I came up with the idea for Centum Press by trying to answer a both simple and complex question: how could we get dozens of people promoting a single title? I chose doing an anthology because it’s a lot less “corporate” than having some kind of referral program and because I’ve always enjoyed shorter fiction. I also wanted to do something that would allow authors to get a lot more from their work. I think it’s really pretty deplorable that we don’t think twice about paying four or five bucks for coffee but don’t even think about the fact that authors get paid next to nothing, in many cases, for their work.

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Quick Quotes—The Week in Publishing

rsz_screen_shot_2015-04-25_at_93043_amLots of great information out there this week in the writing and publishing world. Here are just a few of my favorite quotes and articles:

“What most writers have in common is desire. We want and want and want and want.”—Lev Raphael at Huffington Post

“The most frustrating part of my year of reading diversely was not being able to access e-books for works published in other countries. In the United States, five of the books on my 2014 reading list are not available through Amazon’s Kindle store.”—Sunili Govinnage at The Washington Post

When were you happiest?
Right now. I keep getting happier.”—James Ellroy at The Guardian

“Subscription e-book services are currently in a ‘chicken and egg’ period of initial growth.  On the one hand, they are a totally new way of consuming books, just as subscription services were a totally new way of consuming music when they were first introduced in the early 2000s.  On the other hand, the major trade publishers are not embracing the model as enthusiastically as the major record labels did, even though subscription music services are now firmly in the mainstream.”—Bill Rosenblatt at Forbes
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