Interrogation—Thomas Pluck

Who: Thomas Pluck

What: He’s slung hash, worked on the docks, trained in martial arts in Japan, and even swept the Guggenheim museum (but not as part of a clever heist). He is the author of BAD BOY BOOGIE, his first Jay Desmarteaux crime thriller, and BLADE OF DISHONOR.

Where: New Jersey

Interview conducted by email. Some questions and answers have been edited.

Congrats on the release of BAD BOY BOOGIE. Can you tell us a little about your protagonist, Jay Desmarteaux?

Jay is a Louisiana boy transplanted to New Jersey when he was a kid, he’s got Cajun gumption and Jersey attitude. His mama said there are some people who just need killing, and his papa Andre was a hard-working man… and he’s constantly torn between the two, where people with money, power, muscle, or all three think they can step on your face if you’re “little people.”

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