Why I Love Crossword Puzzles


I have a guest post up at Elizabeth White’s awesome blog today. It’s all about why I love crossword puzzles. Here’s a taste:

Flying means one thing for me these days: crossword puzzles.

The first thing I do when boarding a flight is take the airline magazine out and flip to the back. The game is to complete the crossword puzzle before the plane takes off.

The logic is simple. Finish the puzzle before the plane takes off and we won’t crash. Fail, and, well…let’s just say that my fellow passengers should be very thankful I’m so good at word games…

You can read the whole confession right HERE.

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The Damage Done

Very honored that I got to do a guest post at Do Some Damage today (you have Holly West to blame). If that’s what brought you here— “Come in, come in. Make yourself at home. Don’t mind the dog, he’s imaginary.”

Like most writer blogs, this one can be a little scattered. So, please allow me to give you a tour:


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