Interrogation—Alec Cizak

imgp0012Who: Alec Cizak

What: writer and filmmaker whose work has recently appeared in Beat to a PulpUnloaded, and Crack the Spine. He is also the editor of Pulp Modern. His short story collection, CROOKED ROADS, is available now from All Due Respect. His novella, DOWN ON THE STREET, will be published by ABC Group Documentation in Summer 2017.

Where: Indianapolis

Interview conducted by email. Some questions and answers have been edited.

I just got a sneak peek at your novella, DOWN ON THE STREET—one of the grittiest books I’ve read in recent memory. What was the inspiration?

I’ve always been amused by the idea of a “normal” person trying to become a pimp. What would force a regular, blue-collar guy into that situation? Even more fascinating, how would he convince a woman to go along with such a scheme?

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