My New Podcast—Sneak Preview

Rock and reading have long been two of my biggest obsessions, but I have discovered a third in the last few years—podcasts. Radio shows like Somewhere Out There with Joe Frank, This American Life, and Radiolab were my gateway drugs. Once in the podcast universe, I quickly expanded to WTF with Marc Maron, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore HistoryCrackedRe:soundFreakonomics, and Snap Judgement. Lately, I’ve been digging Desert Oracle RadioKurt Vonneguys, and The Hilarious World of Depression.

It was a discussion about our favorite podcasts that compelled Eric Beetner and me to create the monthly crime and mystery podcast, Writer Types. And now my podcast fascination has led me to a new solo project that I’m calling Books on the Bus—a five-part podcast mini-series about the intersection of rock and reading. Each episode features a musician sharing about their favorite books and authors, how books inspire their lyrics, the best rock biographies, and what they like to read on the road—in addition to some unexpected tangents. A new episode will be posted daily between January 29 and Friday, February 2 over on the Rare Bird Radio podcast platform.

To say that this project brings together all of my favorite things would be a huge understatement. My guests include:

  • Jan. 29: Jeff Whalen—Tsar
  • Jan. 30: Joey Cape—Lagwagon, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
  • Jan. 31: Todd Pasternack—Ominous Seapods, author of LESSONS FROM THE ROAD: MUSICIANS AS BUSINESS LEADER
  • Feb. 1: Marko DeSantis—Sugarcult, Bad Astronaut
  • Feb. 2: Jim Lindberg—Pennywise, author of PUNK ROCK DAD

S.W. Lauden is the Anthony Award-nominated author of the Tommy & Shayna novellas, CROSSWISE and CROSSED BONES (Down & Out Books). His Greg Salem punk rock P.I. series includes BAD CITIZEN CORPORATIONGRIZZLY SEASON and HANG TIME (Rare Bird Books). He is also the co-host of the Writer Types podcast. Steve lives in Los Angeles.

My Chat With David Berkeley

The nice people at Rare Bird Books bugged my phone during a private conversation with talented singer/songwriter/author, David Berkeley. And now they’re trying to claim that it’s a “podcast,” or whatever.

If you haven’t read Berkeley’s heartbreaking/uplifting collection of stories, THE FREE BRONTOSAURUS, you definitely should (it’s not a kids booooook, I promise). And make sure to check out the companion album, CARDBOARD BOAT. This dude’s got chops!