Interrogation: Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson 2Who: Todd Robinson

What: Todd Robinson is the creator and Chief Editor of the multi-award winning crime fiction website THUGLIT.COM  His short fiction has appeared in Plots With Guns, Needle Magazine, Shotgun HoneyStrange, Weird, and Wonderful, Out of the Gutter, Pulp Pusher, Grift, Demolition Magazine, CrimeFactory and DangerCity. His writing has been nominated for a Derringer Award, short-listed for Best American Mystery Stories, selected for Writers Digest’s Year’s Best Writing 2003 and won the inaugural Bullet Award in June 2011. His first collection of short stories, DIRTY WORDS is available exclusively on Kindle. THE HARD BOUNCE, his debut crime novel, was released by Tyrus Books in January 2013.

Where: New York

Interview conducted by email. Some questions and answers have been edited.

THE HARD BOUNCE was a real page turner with surprisingly lovable characters who populate an unforgiving world—especially “Boo” Malone. How did you come up with the plot and setting? 

The-Hard-BounceI worked at the Rathskeller in Boston for a number of years. And if you never heard of it (it shut its doors in 1998), it was a rock & roll club of legend, a real bucket of blood kind of joint. Every day in that place was a story inspiration.

As for the plot, we used to do Sunday all-ages punk shows. I was fascinated by these kids, their lives. I got to know a few, talked to them about their day-to-days. I remember thinking how bold they were, at such tender ages, to find community in their personal damages (and they all had them). I was impressed that these kids chose to stick out at an age where most would do anything to fit in.

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